Commerce is best served by a competitive array of necessary services. With its own airport, rail service, immediate interstate access and multi-vendor utility services, McDuffie County offers an ideal setting for the manufacture and transport of goods.

With a 260-year tradition of leadership in transportation, Georgia is committed to maintaining its position. Continued improvements in the air, highway, water and rail systems will preserve the state’s ability to move people and products efficiently and safely. As Georgia’s leaders look toward the 21st century, they will explore exciting technological opportunities for keeping its transportation systems the most comprehensive in the region.

If your business depends on the efficient movement of products as well as people, Georgia offers an ideal combination of location and facilities - in the heart of the nation’s fastest growing region and within easy reach of national and international markets. Our economic development professionals are ready to show you firsthand how easily you can get there from here.


Commercial Airports

Georgia’s commercial airports put a huge segment of the nation’s consumer and industrial markets within easy reach. Nearest commercial air service is Bush Field located in Augusta, 37 miles east of Thomson-McDuffie. Airlines servicing this terminal are: Atlantic Southeast, Delta, US Airways, US Airways Express.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is less than a two hour drive away and is within:

  • 80% of the U.S. population
  • 79% of the nation’s 150 largest metropolitan areas
  • 77% of the nation’s metro buying income
  • 76% of retail sales in the nation’s top metro markets.

Local Aviation

Thomson Airport FBOThe Thomson McDuffie-Regional Airport is the largest General Aviation Facility in the CSRA. We also proudly serve Augusta, Thomson and the Reynolds Plantation/Lake Oconee Resort area. Spirit Aviation offers quick turns and easy access for all traffic with an ILS/HIRL landing system. We offer the lowest prices of Phillips 66 100LL and Jet-A in the area providing both full and 24/7 hour self service fueling. Conference room and catering is available as well as a crew car with purchase of fuel. For your safety a fire station and EMS facility is also located on the field. Our uniformed NATA certified staff are ready to meet all of your aviation needs.

Spirit Aviation also has the best hangar rental space in the Metro Augusta area. McDuffie County has the lowest ad valorem tax rates on aircraft in Georgia. If you’re interested in hangar rental, contact us today at 706-595-1300.

The Thomson McDuffie Regional Airport is located 25 minutes from the Masters Tournament. If you are flying in for the tournament, you must learn more about our Masters services, as we offer the quickest and most professional aviation services for any aircraft. Visit their website for more information.

Motor Freight Carriers

McDuffie County is served by 3 Interstate and 24 Interstate/Intrastate carriers.

Georgia’s highway system has made it one of the nation’s major trucking hubs. Motor freight services provide efficient point-to-point shipping as well as vital links with the state’s air, rail and water transportation systems.

Rail Transportation

Georgia’s 5,200-mile rail system, which provides direct rail service to approximately 500 Georgia communities, is the most extensive in the Southeast.

The CSX System provides rail service locally with piggyback service at Atlanta. Additionally, McDuffie County is also serviced by Norfolk Southern piggyback service at Atlanta.

Port Access

Georgia’s deepwater ports at Savannah and Brunswick lead the region in technology and volume. The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), despite periodic downturns in worldwide economic conditions, has posted record volumes in nearly every year since 1972.